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Masako Yamamoto, Owner and Chief Instructor of Masako's Music Studio
Masako Yamamoto Ed.D.


Our Mission:

    To provide the highest quality of music instruction in a pleasant and positive environment to help students achieve their greatest musical potential.


    To enrich students' lives through unique instruction and performance opportunities, and to help nurture a lifelong love of music.

Benefits of Music Education:


Develops higher thinking skills
Develops concentration and

  listening skills
Fosters physical coordination
Enhances teamwork skills and   discipline
Helps with relaxation and

  stress reduction
Fosters self-confidence
Improves creativity and    

  aesthetic expression
Promotes an appreciation and

  enjoyment for music and art


Our Belief:

We believe that all students can develop cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), and physical (moving) aspects through well-organized musical experiences.


2020 Winter Class Schedule Available! (Online Registration Starts December 1 (Sunday))

  Winter Group Music Lessons (Piano/Keyboard, Keyboard&Singing, Keyboard II)
  Private Music Lessons (Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar)

Videos from Group Music Classes Available!

Careers at the Masako's Music Studio!

2019 Winter Concert (December 8, 2019)

Please join us for our Winter Mini Concert!
Time & Date: 12:30 pm, December 8, 2019 (Sunday)
Place: Masako's Music Studio
      6231 Jarvis Ave., Newark, CA 94560


Music lessons for all ages in Fremont, Newark, & Union City CA
Private Lessons: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, & Flute
Group Lessons: Early Childhood, Keyboard & Singing, Violin, Guitar (Newark Studio)


"Music heals our hearts. When we're tired, depressed or sad, if you sing a familiar song, or play the piano for a couple of minutes, our sadness and stress magically drift away."


My students and friends know about the power of music. At Masako's, anyone is welcome!

Wouldn't you like to learn and experience the magic of music?
Masako's Music Studio offers private and group music enrichment programs for all ages.


Photos from the recent concerts at Masako's Music Studio